Fort Mose Historic State Park

Fort Mose Historic State Park – St. Augustine, Florida

fort_mose-0008Fort Mose Historic State Park is a nice little park in St. Augustine, Florida. We learned quite a bit on our trip to the park. We learned about the history of the park and what the future holds for it. The fort started out as a settlement for freed slaves from the British Carolinas. Established in 1738 by the Spanish Government, Fort Mose (mo-say) is the earliest known, legally sanctioned, free black community in the present day United States. The park itself sits on the beautiful St.Augustine coastline. There is a beautiful board walk that leads out over the Salt Marsh, a brand new Visitor Center that was built a couple years ago.

fort_mose-0012While we were there we got to see the Park Ranger making fishing line out of tree bark. That was really cool. We also learned that Fort Mose Historic State Park is a popular destination place for school field trips in the area and on average get about 300 kids a day visiting the park. If you're a teacher and would be interested in taking your class here for the day you canĀ  Download the Teacher Handbook from the Official Florida State Parks Website. This Handbook is full of useful information about the park and the history behind it. Aside from literature there is also some quizzes for students and even some little symbols that the tribes and stuff used back then and the definitions for what the symbols represent.

If you're into bird watching, grab your binoculars and head out here in the early mornings or late evenings before the sun sets and you might see some great egrets, blue herons, and maybe even a Sand Hill Crane or two. We were there in the afternoon and because of that we didn't get to see much of the wildlife but it was still a great trip to a little piece of Historic Florida.

symbolFor all of you who have been waiting we apologize for the dealy in getting this post written things have been pretty hectic with work and all but we haven't forgotten about you. On June 12th we're headed to miami so we'll surely find a park or two to visit while we are there. When we get down there and get settled we'll pull up our handy dandy Florida Satate Park Locator and decide where we want to go.

Thanks for reading and if you have been here, please feel free to comment and give us your thoughts on the park as well. We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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